With an ongoing increase of visual data to collect from, the search for the ultimate imagery is time consuming. Martin Oomen created the inspiration provider 'The White Department', which acts as a curator that mines and filters the visual landscape for you. TWD offer tools for inspiration through a membership based subscription with access to a full range of MOODS from current and past seasons.

A MOOD isn’t a trend analysis about the technical aspects of a collection, but it’s the story behind a garment or how we feel at a given point in time, it gives a complete overview of the current tendency, atmosphere and traction. By connecting meaningful and inspirational images across fashion, arts, (sub)culture, architecture, textile, nature, fauna and everything in-between, the result is a conglomerate of connotations, that gain insight for further idea generation and product development.

Martin Oomen can be booked for customized research in close collaboration with clients. Exclusive, assertive & fast!

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